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Thanks to Obama and his wonder administration… AIPAC has been neutralized!  Let’s start drawing a new map and celebrating unity!


The Importance of Separation of Church and State…

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Due to a very stressful day on this subject; I feel compelled to explore it here on this page.

Two things came my way today; one a request to support our troops in Afghanistan.  The second,  being an attack from a fellow Christian.  Seems once again I am not Christian enough!

Well, I cannot be supportive of our troops in Afghanistan; unless it is to support their leaving immediately.  I am not a pacifist per se; but I do think there is a certain nobility to admitting guilt.    We have truly done our world no service as Americans by continuing to support waves of wars that were pre-empted by our very sacred Nation.   We thought we knew what Muslims were and what Saddam had in his mind; and we on many counts were just plain wrong.  Is there still much debate on the WMD?  Or the Sunni vs Shiite distinction?  Or did we just jet-set our aims to Afghanistan hoping to get that lid on tight this time?

It is my wish that the Christians of this world support things such as the Separation of Church and State; especially Christians.  It seems to me that having been served so well by the notion; how could it be otherwise?  It is a platform in which the United States was intended to uphold and a standard that will well decide our fate as humans on Earth.

If we continue to staunchly disregard our errors towards other sovereign nations we will surely be tricked into war after war; furthering our demise.

I could site millions of reasons why everyone should embrace Separation of Church and State; but it would be simply testimonies that one could surely find within their own lot.  To be fair; I should start with mine own…

The Separation of Church and State enables me to be the Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sihk, Buddist, Punk that I am… as God intended.  If there were to be no Separation of Church and State I would not feel at ease to air my voice and opinions on such sensitive issues.  Any fool can see America is riddled with Christian dilemas and short-sightedness; America is a Christian nation.

Ever wonder if those of our American brothers and sisters who are atheists, or who are Mormon,  Native Indian etc?  Do they feel represented by the protocols of our nation?  Do they feel the Separation of Church and State is a vital ingredient within our unique structure?  Do they fear the Christian right?  Do they feel respected or heard?

Who does the dissolution of Church and State serve exactly?

The Truth Behind Happiness is…

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It doesn’t exist; save all share in the same glory in the same moment.  What we call happiness are mere shimmers of fleeting fancy; for we cannot truly be happy while beknownst to ourselves there are yet those who suffer.

Is this faire’nuff?